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News For This Month: Websites

A Simple Guide to Effective Web Design and Digital Marketing

Your website is the public face of your company in which a number of people will go to first prior to visiting a storefront.

Individuals who go to your website are usually directed there from online and offline activities to buy things or to gain contacts. You could have an ideal marketing campaign, but find out later that sales on your website lag. People could be discouraged by your website because of concerns over responsiveness and site speed, to name a few possible reasons.

A strong website should take into account the following aspects.

Are you transforming leads to customers?

Are you outperforming the competition?

Is your brand obviously depicted on your website?

Is Search Engine Optimization performing adequately on search engines?

Is your site easy to use on a mobile phone?

How fast does your website load?

If your website has a weak performance based on the above questions, it may be time to consider a website rehaul.

Determining who you are targeting is a crucial first-step when redesigning your website.


What is it that visitors to your website seek? That is why analysing online behaviour is so important to understanding your audience. This can be done by testing some of your new design ideas on your site prior to changing it entirely. You can do this by carrying out A/B tests to see which designs are more popular.

Your Website’s Goals

A Website could have multiple goals. Generating leads, sales, and brand awareness are among some of the goals for a website. Post meeting with your web developer, create targeted KPIs for each of your goals.

Search Engine Performance

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of increasing your appearance on search engines, a tactic that can happen via online and offline with the following techniques.

Make a map of your website so that when a user is on your site, they will be able to navigate it easily. In addition, this will help bots who crawl your site index it better on search engines.

It goes without saying that your design should be appealing to the eye so that visitors are enticed to go back to your website.

Complete your metadata. This information is what appears for your website on the search engine results pages.

Getting Users to Complete Call to Actions

CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, is the process of making your site better by improving the chances that a user will finish an action. The CRO can be improved if a user completes contact forms, emails, bookings, transactions, etc.If a user fills out contact forms, emails, bookings, transactions, among others, the CRO can improve. Driving users to complete these call to actions depends on how well designed your site is, too.

Keeping Tabs on Use

A website is constantly evolving depending on how the audience changes or how your business changes. It’s key to keep evolving.

Analytics software can help you monitor these flows. Google Analytics has a free class outlining how to use Google Analytics.

A solid website is more than just a sight, as it changes with appropriate design and marketing to help an organization grow. Learn key tools of web design South Florida.

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